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Want to Sell Your Home Before It Officially Hits the Market? Here’s How.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could sell your home before it even officially hit the market? It may sound too good to be true. But as it turns out, it’s actually possible — and a whole lot easier than you might think! 

Most people don’t even consider these methods for building hype and interest in their homes before they list — and that’s a good thing. It means that if you do take a few proactive steps, you can really make your home stand out among the many others out there and help generate buzz before it’s even officially listed! 

How to Sell Your Home Before It Hits the Market

Ready to get started? Here are a few easy things you can do right now to help your home sell sooner than later.  

Create a “coming soon” listing 

Anticipation creates buzz. A “coming soon” announcement can help pique buyers’ interest and get eyes on your home before it’s even listed. 

A “coming soon” announcement is a description that can be listed on the MLS — even though your home isn’t officially for sale yet. 

Alternatively, if you prefer a more hands-on approach, you could place a physical “coming soon” sign in your front yard. 

By doing this, you may have an increased chance of grabbing the attention of people who are specifically interested in living in your neighborhood.

Part of the appeal of this method is psychological — people love feeling like they’re getting the inside scoop.  

Of course, keep in mind that MLS rules will vary depending on where you live. Typically, there are limits for how long a property can be listed as “coming soon” — so be sure to wait until you’re just about ready to officially list. 

Partner with a loan officer

Here’s another way to spread the word in advance: partner with a loan officer. 

Often, home buyers aren’t hitting the open house circuit until after they’ve been pre-approved for a loan. After all, they want to know what they can afford before they fall in love with a house! 

By partnering up with a loan officer, you might get your home in front of potential buyers’ eyes before they’re even officially looking. The loan officer might mention your home conversationally or even on their website. They might even offer specials to potential clients or do complimentary rate work-ups on your home for potential buyers, because after all, they’re motivated to attract more potential home loans! 

The best part is that it’s not obligatory to use any particular loan officer to go through with the deal — it’s simply a friendly partnership that could lead to a potential loan for them and could get your home more attention. It’s low stress and potentially win-win.

Sell It for Cash

One way to sell your home before it hits the market is to consider working with a service that can help you sell your home for cash.

A “cash” offer refers to an all-cash bid. That means the potential buyer is willing and able to purchase the property without taking out a loan for a mortgage or other financing. 

From a seller’s viewpoint, these offers are attractive — there’s no chance that the financing will fall through, and it usually means the closing time can be faster.

Start spreading the news 

The best way to spread news? Start talking. Tell your family and friends that you intend on listing your home soon. Put the word out on social media, too.

You may be surprised by the results. A lot of people are looking for a home at any given moment. Even if they’re not, they may have a friend or colleague or family member who is. 

Tell your neighbors, too! They have a vested interest in helping you sell your home to someone they’ll like living nearby. Chances are they’ll take it upon themselves to share the news with some motivated potential buyers. 

Host a “preview” open house

Technically, you won’t be able to have an official open house until your home is actually listed. However, you can host a “preview” open house in the meantime. 

This can be a low-stress, informal way to create interest in your home. It can also create demand for the home, and could even lead to multiple offers. Here’s a pro tip: find out when there’s an open house going on in your neighborhood and host your “preview” open house at the same time. It could get eyes on your house fast! 

In Closing…

Sure, an official MLS listing will distribute your home listing widely. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t create some pre-listing buzz before your house is officially on the market.

By taking the steps detailed in this post, you could help your home sell faster — you could even have offers before your home even goes live! 

Which method of promoting your home before it’s listed do you like best?

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