The Definitive Guide to Home Selling

Home Selling is like any other major undertaking…

There are many different ways to get the job done.

It’s not a matter of what’s right or wrong in general — it’s about choosing what suits you and your situation best.

Since an informed home seller typically navigates the process with a lot more ease, we’ve put together a simple guide to home selling to help you understand the different options available to you. 

Keep reading to learn some important things to know about the “traditional” financed method of selling a home and other options such as selling your home for cash! 

More Than One Way to Sell a Home in Arizona

If you’ve never sold a house before, you might think that the “traditional” approach of a financed sale through a realtor is the only way to sell your house.  

True, this method of selling a house is very common. It involves working with a seller’s agent, cleaning up the house and creating a listing, showing the house, and dealing with negotiations. 

It can be kind of a hassle! 

Some sellers choose to avoid the annoying steps involved in the process and sell their homes for cash instead. Despite the name, it actually just refers to a type of sale that doesn’t require financing. 

Here are some things every seller must know, regardless of the selling method:

1. Get To Know Your Local Market

If you’d like to sell your house, you’ve got to get a finger on the pulse of what’s going on in your local market. Sure, there are some trends that might affect the national market. But keep in mind that every area is different. 

Arizona is an exceptional area in many ways. For one, the weather is different than many other parts of the U.S., meaning that home sales don’t slow down as much in the fall and winter as they do in other areas of the nation. Additionally, Arizona tends to attract a lot of retirees. 

Considering just these two local factors, you can make updates to your home that will make them more attractive during these times of year or to this particular demographic. 

2. Consider timing when home selling 

They say that timing is everything. The real estate market definitely makes a case for that adage! 

As mentioned earlier, Arizona is a little bit different from other parts of the nation. It doesn’t necessarily align to the traditional “hot” times for home selling like spring and summer.

In Arizona, the hottest real estate months actually tend to be when it gets cooler in other parts of the country. So where you might have better results selling a house in Vermont during May, in Arizona, you might have better luck in November or December. 

3. Set An Appropriate Price 

It’s tempting to set a super-high price for your home. But think rationally. If you price it too high, it’s going to turn people off. Not only will your home not sell, but it may languish on the market.

Then again, pricing it too low can be a bad thing, too. People will wonder what’s wrong with the house and may get suspicious.

It’s a much better idea to set an appropriate price from the get-go. This is a bit of an art and a science. Consider local listings and recent sales, and consider hiring a professional to assist with pricing your house appropriately. Want more info? Check out this post for more: “How to Determine the Property Value of a House.”

4. Know What Needs Fixing

A home that’s up-to-date in terms of repairs is likely going to sell faster than an outdated or dilapidated one.

Consider making renovations or fixes before you list. Remember, this can take time, so be sure to leave yourself several weeks or months to deal with them, depending on how backed up local contractors are. 

5. Sound Too Hard? Sell Your Home for Cash! 

The four considerations we’ve already listed are just the tip of the iceberg with the home-selling process. If you’re exhausted just reading them, good news — there’s another option. You could sell your home for cash. 

A cash sale doesn’t require financing, and it often doesn’t even require a realtor. Since there are fewer bank approvals and middlemen, the process often goes a LOT faster. You can learn more here: “What Happens If You Sell Your Home For Cash?”


If you’re interested in selling a home in Arizona, it’s well worth taking the time to consider different selling options.

A traditional financed sale is not the only option — for some sellers, a cash sale is a much faster and easier option. 

Now that you understand more about home selling, which method of selling sounds more appealing to you?

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