5 Things to Know About Selling a House

There are many things to know about selling a house. The home selling process can be intimidating. There are so many small moving pieces involved in the process — from listing and marketing to dealing with repairs and the mountains and mountains of paperwork — that it’s easy to see why so many potential sellers feel overwhelmed.

5 Things to Know About Selling a House

At Cash For Homes Arizona, we want to help empower you by breaking down the process of home-selling into understandable and actionable steps. There’s more than one way to sell your home — if you’re interested in selling your home for cash, we’re happy to help with the process.

But no matter how you choose to sell your house, here are some things every seller should consider:

1. Consider the curb appeal

Have you ever found yourself admiring an attractive house as you walked or drove by? That’s the power of curb appeal.

“Curb appeal” refers to how attractive a property looks from the outside. Since the exterior of your home will be the first thing that buyers see, you definitely want to make a good impression. 

Attending to things like outdoor landscaping, exterior painting, and fixing up any blemishes on the exterior of the house are all easy ways to increase curb appeal. 

2. Declutter your living areas

If your home is cluttered and cramped, it’s likely to turn off potential buyers. Too much stuff in your space can take away from potential buyers’ ability to imagine themselves and their life in the space.

Make your space bright, airy, and spacious. Remove or store extra furniture and knick-knacks that might be taking up excess space and remove the piles of mail and magazines. It makes a big difference!

3. Clean Clean Clean

“Lived-in” to one person can be downright dirty to another. When it comes to showcasing your home for potential buyers, the general rule is the cleaner the better.

We’re talking deep clean — dust those baseboards, clean the windows and make sure there are no crumbs on the kitchen counter. There are few things that turn off buyers like a dirty house. 

4. Depersonalize the space

Your personal mementos and photographs are incredibly meaningful … To you. But to potential buyers, they’re a reminder that someone else is living in the space.

It can be distracting to see personal photos and objects sprinkled throughout a house. It also makes it difficult for potential buyers to envision their new life in the space if it’s cluttered with evidence of your life. 

Before showing your house, be sure to stow away all personal belongings and photos to help create a blank canvas for potential buyers. 

5. Skip all the  Hassle and Sell Your Home For Cash

Are all of these tips starting to give you a headache? There is an easier way … Many sellers who don’t have the time or inclination to go through the arduous process of preparing a home for the traditional real estate market prefer to pursue cash sales.

With a cash sale, the home sale is not contingent on mortgage financing. At Cash For Homes Arizona, our experts are ready and willing to make cash offers on homes — the best part is that we’re willing to buy properties in “as-is” condition. That means you don’t have to go through the hassle of repairs or staging your property before selling. 

Interested in learning more about the process of selling your home for cash? This post explains the process in detail


Selling a home can be a complicated and annoying process. There are a lot of steps that sellers have to take to ensure that their home is appealing to buyers —  it requires money, time, energy, and continued maintenance. 

If it all sounds too expensive and complicated and you’re motivated to sell fast, consider pursuing a cash sale for your home. Cash For Homes Arizona is a service specializing in making fair cash offers for Arizona homes — if you’re interested, please reach out today! 

Did any of the tips in this post surprise you? Leave a comment! 

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