12 Tips To Sell Your House Fast For Cash

(Click Here for Full Image) If you ask yourself this question, “how to sell my Phoenix house fast?” then this infographic won’t let you down. We’ll help you sell your house fast for cash by giving out 12 tips.

We are the #1 Cash Home Buyers in Arizona because we offer the highest cash offer for your home. Now, to get you started, here are some simple ways you can do to quicken the sale of your home without having a significant impact on the profit.

Improve Your Curb Appeal

You can have a high chance of making buyers take a tour of your house if you exert more effort in making its exterior clean. The first thing that your potential buyers will see on listing sites and in-person is usually your home’s exterior. If it looks unappealing, a buyer won’t even think of checking the interior shots.

Clean up your yard by trimming and forming hedges, reinvigorating mulch, and edging the lawn. You may also try to pressure-wash your walkways, driveway, and house. Also, consider putting fresh paint on your shutters and trims.

Remember, all small details matter- even the small brass on your front door. Make the surface of the kick-plate and doorknob are shiny. Remove any bird droppings or cobwebs on your front porch. A great way to make your home look inviting and alive is to plant flowers near the entryway.

If you don’t know how to pinpoint the shortcomings of your home, you can ask your friends. This might be the right time to do those maintenance works that you’ve been planning all along.

Know Your Home’s Selling Point

Want to know how to sell my house fast in Phoenix? Simple, know your home’s selling point. Whether your house is larger than neighboring homes or near to parks and gyms, you need to know the good points to make your house stand out. This is also the best way to give your home more value and credibility to probable buyers.

I am certain that you’ll agree with me that each house is unique. If you still can’t figure out its best selling points, remember why you bought the house in the first place. If you still have a bit of trouble determining your home’s selling point, ask help from a real estate agent.

De-personalize Your House

We know that you have made a lot of memories in your home. But if you want to get it sold fast, it’s time to depersonalize it. Depersonalizing your house simply means preparing it for potential buyers.

As much as possible, keep your house simple and neutral. Make sure that your house looks clean and welcoming so that your potential buyers will be able to visualize their dream of it. Remove all personal photos and memorabilia to allow your potential buyers to imagine themselves living in your home. This will also help them concentrate on the highlighted features of your home.

No matter how cute your kid’s baby pictures are, they need to be removed if your home is on the market. Likewise, remove all art that might distract your potential buyers from the house itself. You may also keep the canvas blank so your potential buyers will be able to imagine their dream color on it.

Avoid Bad Odors

Little things could discourage potential buyers. For example, bad odors could turn off your potential buyers to buy the house. As much as you can, try and solve the source of each despicable odor by:

  • Emptying drains and wash bins
  • Providing good ventilation
  • Cleaning the carpet
  • Remove all the old furniture

If you have pets, chances are odors might stick to the carpets. To remove the pet odors, simply do a professional steam cleaning to reach the padding of your carpet. You can also sprinkle some baking soda and then follow through with a vacuum to help mask the pet odor in your living room.

A dead mouse on the corner of your home might also ruin your chances of selling your home fast. You may find these smelly culprits in the dark or behind large appliances. If you find them, make sure that you clean them up immediately.

To attract potential buyers, make your home smelling good to make worth getting. You can make some freshly brewed coffee or if you have the time and skill, bake some bread or cake.

Offer A Reasonable Price

Just like with other products, the price is a determining factor for purchase. You don’t want to set a very high price because your home could sit on the market for ages. This is a situation that might frighten prospective buyers away. When your house becomes an old listing, buyers might assume that something is wrong with your house. So, if you want to sell your home fast, consider giving a reasonable price.

You can get listing price recommendations from several agents and create your own research about area comps. When it comes to negotiating, that’s the time to listen to your agent. Your real estate agent can even set the proper and reasonable price for you.

As much as a real estate agent gets a particular percentage of the selling price, it’s in his best interest to find the perfect price for your house. Just like yourself, they want the highest possible commission within a sensible time. Hence, they set a realistic price based on their knowledge of the local market. They also have great access to amazing platforms like estate blocks.

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Find The Right Real Estate Agent

Most of the time, the right real estate agent is all you need. A real estate agent is someone who specializes in real estate solutions that aid homeowners with a lot of quick cash solutions for their house. Don’t hire someone just because they are from your hometown. Instead, look at their track record of sales that shows his ability on how to sell your home fast.

The best way to know the capability of a real estate agent is to check the reviews. You can read the online client reviews and feedback on all the real estate agents that you’re considering. Make sure that they promote the properties online and they hire a professional to take photographs. While you’re at it, learn the fees that they charge as well as their commission rate.

You can also ask your family, friends, and co-employees about any references to top real estate agents. Aside from extensive market knowledge, choose an agent that’s honest and personable.

Sell At The Right Time

Timing is also crucial if you want to sell your house fast. Spring and summer are normally the best time to sell your house. The weather is nice and families with children can create a smooth transition during the impending summer break. So while serious buyers will look for a house all-year-round, consider having your home prepared for sale by March or April. But make sure that your house is in perfect shape because most buyers may tend to be pickier due to increased inventory.

Autumn may also be a good time to sell because the weather is still nice and there are no major holidays. Just try to get your home on the market as early as possible because potential buyers don’t want to be transacting over Christmas. Winter, on the other hand, is a tougher time to sell. If you must do so, try putting your house on the market in the New Year.

Declutter And Use A Storage Unit

Anyone who takes a look at your home is going to check out the storage spaces. If they see some overstuffed and disorganized closets, they’ll probably think that your home is lacking. Use a storage unit to keep the things that you won’t need while your house is up for sale.

The rule of thumb is to store a third of your things. Store the things that you don’t use every day. Such things may include seasonal clothes, baby gear, and holiday decors. You may want a portable storage unit so you can transport it anywhere in your new home.

Storing unwanted items may also give the feeling of more space. You may keep products in the bathrooms and kitchen. Don’t let toys and any large piece of equipment block your windows, doors, or traffic flows. All the coats should be cleared from the hallway too.

Stage And Photograph Your Home By A Professional

No matter how beautiful your home is you need some sort of staging. A professional home stager will do that for you and will see your home from the perspective of a buyer. A good home stager knows how to emphasize your home’s strengths and diminish its flaws.

The listing photos will be the first impression of your buyer. Studies show that houses with over six listing photographs online are more likely to be watched by buyers. However, not everybody wants their home staged.

Remember to take the photographs after you have improved your curb, create the necessary upgrades, and depersonalize your home. Hire a professional home stager to take high-quality pictures in the best light. These beautiful images will inspire potential buyers to visit your house or request a tour.

Do Your Own Promotions

You can’t just rely on your agent alone to do all the marketing. For faster results, make your own promotions. You can get the word out that you’re selling your house in your personal social media accounts.

Send the listings page to your friends and family. Who knows, someone close to you may want to buy your house. You can also spread the word about the house sale in your neighborhood. Let your neighbors help by sending the listing to your homeowner’s association email list.

Create Small Upgrades

Don’t overwork yourself with a lot of major remodels. It’s likely that you won’t get your money in return. Instead, concentrate on small upgrades, specifically in the bathroom and kitchen, where you’re most certainly to reap a return on investment.
Such small upgrades may include a new cabinet, light fixtures, and shower curtains.

They’re quite cheap and they can immediately transform your space into something more appealing. Rather than spending $30,000 for a full kitchen overhaul, remove your old appliances and spend $3,500 for a new stainless steel appliance suite.

Many buyers create a purchase offer that’s conditional on the satisfactory report from a professional home inspector. That’s why you need to make necessary repairs so you won’t get a red flag to a home inspector or a mortgage firm. These may include an outdated electrical system, leaky faucets, or a leaky roof.

Brighten It Up

A dark home usually feels sad and damp. Light it up by using artificial and natural light. For that light fixture, select the highest wattage light bulb to give that instant brightness to your room. When it’s time to show the house to potential buyers, open the curtains and turn the lights on.

You can also lighten up a room by putting a fresh coat of paint. A light, natural gray offers a soft, lighter palette that makes rooms look bigger. A thorough cleaning will also lighten your dark windows, baseboards, and light fixtures.

The Bottom Line

Selling your house needs little extra work. Get your home in excellent shape and be ready to create some small concessions at closing. These tips, together with an attractive price, will increase your chances of getting your home sold.

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