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    How to Sell an Ugly House in Arizona?

    Do you own what, by normal standards, is an “ugly” house in Phoenix, Arizona? Are you turned off by what your once beautiful, functional house has turned out to be? Does the house come with damage, be it physical or emotional, that you’d rather not deal with?

    Several important questions surround your ugly house. We’d like to pose the most important of them: are you thinking about the best way to get your ugly house off of your hands? Will you consider the solution of selling your house for cash?

    At best, your house may be a bit of fixer-upper. At worst, it may be the ugly duckling of your neighborhood. You may have inherited your house from a relative. Or, you might have purchased the house when it looked much better, and it was a better time in the housing market of Phoenix, Arizona. The house may have been the right size back then, but right now it might not be. It might feel too small and cramped, or too large and unpleasantly empty.

    Time, or other circumstances, might have worn out your house. The walls may be crumbling, and the paint peeling. You may have turned over a corner and found clumps of cockroaches, or streams of termites. We wouldn’t blame you for cringing in a living area full of pests.

    Moreover, your house may have turned unpleasant because of ugly circumstances. Here are a few more questions to sort out. Are you anxious about the mounting costs of maintenance and repair? Are you nearing bankruptcy, and at your wits’ end to pay for your mortgage? Are you angry that your house wasn’t the investment the previous seller convinced you it was? And is the house collateral in a painful separation or divorce?

    All of these are enough to sicken you when you come home. Then, your house will have stopped being the “home” that it’s supposed to be. It isn’t a good environment for you to live in, alone or with family. Your house directly contributes to your family’s physical and emotional health. The longer you live in an ugly house, the greater toll it will take. It will drain, crush down, or stifle your family life. Not to mention, the outlook will be bleak for a homeowner’s wallet. Every day you stay there, you’ll need to shell out money. All the while, the house’s value depreciates, and becomes less and less attractive to potential buyers.

    The ugliness of your house will bleed into your life. But read on to assess your house’s situation and make the best of it. To the right people, all property is worth saving.

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    What are ugly homes in Phoenix?

    What makes it hard for you, and others, to look at your house through rose-colored glasses? Your house may be unappealing, thus undesirable, to residents or sellers for the following reasons.

    - It may be an old, distressed, or damaged house. Your house’s foundation may finally be giving out, or not have been very good to begin with. It was probably more susceptible to damage and decay than others. Occurrences like storms, typhoons, or fires may have also ravaged your house. This is the most straightforward category we can assign to an “ugly” house.

    - Your house may be of an odd size. Maybe the house itself was built too big or too small, too tight or too wide. Not all houses that look good when planned turn out good execution-wise. The house’s size may be an issue not just for you and a growing or shrinking family. It may be one for other potential sellers or residents as well.

    - Your house may need a mountain of repairs. Your house may look rickety and unstable because of hollow wood or decaying concrete. Or, it may also be accumulating dust and mold. It may smell, as well as look unpleasant, because repairs to ventilation and plumbing are long overdue. For reasons beyond your control, however, you might not have been able to address this.

    - Your house may be pest-ridden. Nothing will scare off a potential buyer more than pests. The thought of dealing with colonies of roaches and termites, or hungry rats and ants, will send shivers down anyone’s spine. It may be especially discouraging to try and sell an ugly and unsanitary house to buyers. Will it even be possible?

    - Your house may have been damaged by your tenants. If you are a landlord collecting income from rent, both your house and your tenants are your responsibility. Sadly, not all tenants can be properly vetted. The damage to your house may not have been inflicted by you, but tenants who didn’t care for it like you would. By the time you discover that, it may feel like it’s too late.

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    - Your house may be in the middle of foreclosure, bankruptcy, or probate. The last thing anyone would need in buying a less-than-perfect house is financial and logistical baggage. The steep realities of foreclosure, bankruptcy, and securing assets and certification for a will are daunting enough on their own. As you juggle these worries on your own, who else can take your house off your hands?

    - Your house was a lousy investment to begin with. You may have acquired your house at a different time in the housing market. Or, an agent or investor may have asked for a much higher price than the house’s actual worth. If you feel cheated by this investment, the last thing you should do is be dishonest about the house’s value. But what can come out of that value in the future?

    - Your house may be involved in your separation or divorce proceedings. Nothing says “ugly” better than “complicated” in this respect. The house may have taken an ugly color emotionally. Memories and additional baggage, concretized by the house, are what you’d really want to be rid of.

    If any of these apply to you, your house may fit into the descriptor of an ugly house in Phoenix, AZ. It begs the question: what can you do with your ugly house? The answer, actually, is to try and sell it. It will be to your benefit and peace of mind. And luckily, there are options available to you. Certain people do look to actively buy ugly homes in Arizona.

    Who buys ugly homes in Arizona?

    There are cash home buyers in Arizona, such as, that will offer cash for houses in Phoenix. Cash for Homes Arizona, our company, prides itself on being the foremost cash home buyers in the state. We buy ugly houses in Phoenix, AZ, of all types. We buy old houses, decrepit houses, damaged houses, pest-ridden houses, or houses in financial jeopardy.

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    There are good reasons that we buy ugly houses in Arizona and offer cash for them. Do you know the saying, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”? This is something that rings very true to our professionals at Cash for Homes Arizona.

    Our team of real estate investors and professionals are well equipped to invest and develop the property, even if you can’t right now. We’re backed by financial investors and we can show you proof of funds and a record of customer satisfaction. We are experienced and dedicated businesspeople, and we take our brand promise very seriously. We will help anyone and offer for any ugly house in Phoenix, Arizona, and live up to our company’s name and function.

    Selling your house for cash is still possible without advertising your house, putting it up in the listings, or hiring more realtors to get into the process. Sell your ugly house directly to us for cash, and save on what you would spend for repairs, pest control, tenant disputes, and financial maintenance. Transacting with Cash for Homes Arizona will come at zero closure cost for you.

    The option of selling even the ugliest and most undesirable house for cash is one that’s growing in popularity. Several customers of ours discovered that their ugly house was actually the treasure mine they needed. It was the decision they needed to make to become more financially mobile and free, and both physically and emotionally healthy. It enabled them to adjust to the fast pace in Phoenix, Arizona with cash on their hands. They were able to see past their ugly house and an ugly future.

    Are you interested in becoming a happy customer of ours? At Cash for Homes Arizona, we will buy ugly houses in AZ for cash as is. We’ll relieve you of the need to list your house and price it for the cutthroat housing market in Phoenix. And we’re real deal cash home buyers, your best alternative to flaky sellers or cheating, deceptive agents and investors.

    Here’s how to sell your ugly house in Phoenix, and close a quick, quality deal for cash.

    How to sell ugly houses in Phoenix?

    It’s very simple and straightforward. Cash for Homes Arizona will give you the highest possible cash offer for your ugly house. You’re only a few steps away from getting your ugly house off of your hands, and obtaining cash for your future.

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    The first step is to browse our website. Look through this website for pages that fit the concerns on your ugly house. We have guides available for individual problems, such as how to sell your house by yourself, how to sell a house that has termites, or how to sell a use that’s been damaged by your tenants. Use these as your primers.

    The second step is to contact us at 480-712-3157. Our friendly staff will take up your case and contact you in 24-48 hours.

    The third step is to schedule a visit to your house for your free, no-obligation appraisal. We’ll visit any house, at any time that is convenient to you. At the visit, we’ll also listen to whatever you have to say about your house. You can tell us about your house’s history and your troubles with it. We won’t judge you as a bad homeowner, landlord, or parent. We work with people from all walks of life to make their lives better.

    The third step is to take our cash offer. We’ll make you a cash offer in a matter of days, as opposed to in a matter of months. And our cash offer will come free of so many costs—zero closing cost, no additional costs for advertising and listing, no obligation to you for repair or pest control, and no additional middlemen involved. Just a straight-up cash offer that you can accept.

    The fourth and final step is to move on to greener pastures, wider horizons—or in your case, better housing conditions. You can use the cash to fund rent, daily living expenses, insurance, and healthcare. The sky’s the limit. The future doesn’t look as ugly as your old house anymore.

    Benefits of selling ugly houses in Arizona:

    Benefits of selling ugly houses in Arizona

    Of course, losing something is never easy. This applies to your house as well, no matter how badly you wanted to get rid of it. Selling and moving out of your house will mean accepting the new challenges your ugly house got in the way of.

    By no means will the challenges of funding your needs and taking care of your family’s health and safety disappear. But with cash immediately in head, those challenges will be easier to face, and easier to conquer. Here are some of the conveniences and opportunities that will come out of selling your ugly house.

    - Your house’s reputation won’t bog you down. You won’t need to worry about being a laughingstock in the Phoenix, Arizona community because of your ugly house. You’ll be rid of shame and stigma. This is probably one of the first things you need for your new life.

    - You won’t have to pay for pest removal or repairs. You won’t have to cover more of the costs you paid up to make your house less ugly. Instead, the cash can help you focus on a simpler, more streamlined life. You can do without the extra mile for house repairs and pest control.

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    - You won’t have to list your home and justify its sale. The ugly house is the hardest kind of house to sell to buyers or realtors. If you sell your house immediately for cash, you won’t have to explain what you don’t want to. You won’t need to dig up more of the house’s history or your own life problems.

    - You’ll be able to move elsewhere. Into a new, clean, and reasonably priced home you can go! Selling and moving out of your ugly house in Phoenix, AZ means living on a clean slate. Don’t be afraid to let go and step into a wonderful new part of your life. Sell your ugly house for cash, and fund your financial, residential freedom.

    Nov 29, 2017
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